Fan Appliques
Decorative fan appliques in the collection were based around the image of the Pomor Dove of Happiness.
Each season, the fashion house's atelier explores and implements new embroidery techniques. For Fall-Winter 2021/2022, inspired by the Pomor wood chip dove of happiness, the artisans have created voluminous, fanning appliques made of silk crepe, chiffon and leather, which now decorate dress basques, skirts and accessories. Historically, the wood chip bird of happiness was considered to be one of, if not the most powerful protector in Russian culture, with the toys being created until the dusk of the XX century.
They were carved out from a solid block of Karelian pine, without the use of glue or any fixtures. The wood was cut into thin petals and then skillfully bent. A similar practice was employed in the fashion house's atelier. Each bird's "feather" was designed and sewn by hand, fixed in the shape of fan-wing, then embroidered with beads and stones.